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October 21st, 2023 » I have just added (2) new Facebook pages that will feature "Golf Industry Jobs" and "Golf Industry Events" to go along with my current page "Golf Industry News" @GolfIndustryNews @GolfIndustryJobs @GolfIndustryEvents

August 11, 2023 » GolfLessonsByVideo.com has been purchased for an un-disclosed amount and is now up and live! I am now able to help anyone with their golf game no matter where they are located! And, new students receive BOGO FREE golf lessons!

October 31, 2022 » OConnorGolfMedia.com - purchased for an un-disclosed amount! Will be my main 'golf media' website address and forward to my "Media / Marketing" page on OConnorGolfCompany.com

October 29, 2022 » I have just added (2) new social media channels that will feature "Golf Industry News" 1) Facebook @GolfIndustryNews and 2) Twitter @GolfIndustryNew

October 27, 2022 » PlayGolfAtTheBeach.com - purchased for an un-disclosed amount! Site is already up and live and will be officially launching soon!

October 10, 2022 » Exciting things coming for the O'Connor Golf Company! Announcing our 2023 Reboot!

September 21, 2021 » eGolfCards.com - purchased for an un-disclosed amount! - I turned one of my hobbies into a website!

January 01, 2021 » After many years I have finally been able to purchase the domain name GrandStrandGolfCourses.com!

September 20, 2016 » MyrtleBeachGolfDirectory.com purchased for an un-disclosed amount! This will become a great addition to GolfCoursesAtTheBeach.com , GolfClubBusiness.com, and OnTheGrandStrand.com! Official launch coming January 2017!

October 10, 2012 » GolfCoursesAtTheBeach.com purchased for an un-disclosed amount.Site Coming Soon!

January 27, 2012 » Some very special news from the O'Connor Golf Company coming soon! Stay tuned!

July 01, 2011 » Joey O'Connor signs an agreement with Golf Channel Solutions to use their tee time booking engine on all of the O'Connor Golf Company Properties including the Golf Club Business network and its' stand-alone websites.

April 27, 2011 » WholesaleGolfComponents.com has been updated with Integra Golf Components and AccuFlex Golf Shafts!

April 05, 2011 » OConnorGolfClubs.com has added putters and wedges to its Tour Series line of golf equipment!

March 06, 2011 » Keep track of your round with Joey's Golf Course Stats Sheet (PDF File - will open a new window) It's Free! Simply Print and Keep Your Stats of Your Round to Figure Out What You Need to Work on!

February 17, 2011 » Joey O'Connor will attend the Carolina's PGA Merchandise Show - held February 21-22 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach South Carolina - covering the show for the Golf Club Business network. Official Twitter Hashtag for the show is #CPGAMR11

November 1, 2010 » OConnorGolfClubs.com officially launched with the announcement of the O'Connor Golf Clubs WS Tour Series Irons!

Resort/Course Review Schedule - Mr. O'Connor will be in the Myrtle Beach, S.C. area July 17th-22nd, 2010 reviewing golf resorts and courses. Please contact Lori Williams for scheduling your review and for more information! He is also scheduled for a return trip September 19th-24th, 2010.

3rd and 4th quarter 2010 plans for the O'Connor Golf Company include the purchasing of 11 new properties as well as officially launching Golf Club Living.

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