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Complete Golf Club Repairs, Golf Club ReGrips and Golf Club ReShafts Available in Conway, South Carolina - Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach! Now featuring Free Pick-Up and Delivery in Conway!
  • Any Questions at all give Joey a shout at
Live or work in Conway, South Carolina or close by? Joey will come to you to discuss your club repairs or club re-grips and to pick up your clubs! Only the best and personal services with Joey!

Here are some services that we offer!

  • Spine-Align/Balancing of Golf Shaft: what is it?
    • New Shaft - $10.00 also includes weighing shaft and checking flex.
    • Already Assembled Club (such as your current driver) - $10.00 + re-shaft charges as listed on repairs page. We recommend that you also get a new grip for your club at this time.
  • Frequency Matching/Flexing of Golf Shaft:
    • New Shaft - $5.00 (we also recommend the spine-aligning option above for new shafts)
    • Check Flex of 1 Club (such as your current driver) - $5.00
    • Check Flex of entire set (13 clubs) - $30.00
  • Gripping and Re-Grips : $5.00/labor for first club (such as your driver). $2/labor each additional club or $30.00/labor set of 14 clubs. Grip prices start at only $2 each or bring your own!

  • Assemble Club : $15/labor for new shaft into new head and install new grip. $5/labor each additional club

  • Pull Shaft / Take apart Club : $10/labor for first club. $5/labor each additional club

  • Clean Head : $5/labor for first head. $3/labor each additional head

  • Re-Shafts : $25.00/labor per club (pull old shaft from current club, clean head, replace with your new shaft, install your new grip). $15.00/labor each additional club. Price for most clubs - additional charge for bore-thru clubs and or head that use special adaptors. Dont forget about shaft spine-alignment/balancing on the custom golf clubs page!

  • Remove Broken Shaft in Head: $15/labor

  • Shorten Length of Club : Such as your current driver $10/labor - price includes install of your new grip

  • Add Length of Club with Extention insert : Not recommended but will do for 1 inch or less. Such as your current driver : $15/labor - price includes install of your new grip

  • Get your current clubs checked!
    • Do you really know what your clubs are? Can you really trust that little shaft label that says 'senior' or 'regular' flex? Joey will examine, test, and give you a written report on each club in your bag for its length, static weight, swing weight, flex, and overall spine-alignment/balancing. $95.00 - includes certified by Joey O'Connor certificate if applicable.
    • Out of The Area? Out of State? No Problem! You Can Ship Your Clubs/Repairs! Contact Joey at

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