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The O'Connor Golf Company, thru its owner and director of operations, Joey O'Connor, is a multi-faceted business in the golf industry that covers most, if not all, avenues - Golf News and Golf Products, Golf Jobs and Golf Careers, Golf Lifestyle and Golf Travel, Golf Lessons and Instruction, Golf Shows and Expos, Custom Golf Clubs, and General Golf Directories, on B2B and B2C sides of the industry.

Joey O'Connor has been playing golf since 1973 and has been a professional in the golf industry for 20+ years. He is the owner of the O'Connor Golf Company - which oversees most of his golf properties, He is a nationally recognized golf instructor and custom club builder, He is a writer, He was the past editor of Golf Club Business and is the current editor of Golf Club Living, and is the current owner of many golf websites and social media channels. Joey has also played in professional golf tournaments, participated in PGA Monday Qualifiers, and has been a technical representative for various golf manufacturers and organizations including, but not limited to, Goldwin Golf and Golf Digest Sports Marketing handling demo days for Titliest, Mizuno, and Ram Golf. He was also for many years the Head Golf Professional of Custom Club Golf based out of Lexington, North Carolina and then became the owner of their Winston-Salem, North Carolina location.

After living in Greensboro, North Carolina for over 46 years, he currently resides just outside of "The Golf Capital Of The World" Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the beautiful historic rivertown city of Conway. Learn all about Conway on his websites VisitConwaySC.com or DowntownConwaySC.com

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Our Equipment : Our Websites : Our News : Club Repairs : Media / Marketing

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