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A Little About Me - I have been playing golf since 1973 and have been a professional in the golf industry for 20+ years. I am the owner of the O'Connor Golf Company, I am a nationally recognized golf instructor and custom club builder, I am a writer, I was the past editor of Golf Club Business and I am the current editor of Golf Club Living, and I am the current owner of many golf websites and social media channels. I have also played in professional golf tournaments, participated in PGA Monday Qualifiers, and I have been a technical representative for various golf manufacturers and organizations including, but not limited to, Goldwin Golf and Golf Digest Sports Marketing handling demo days for Titliest, Mizuno, and Ram Golf. I was also for many years the Head Golf Professional of Custom Club Golf based out of Lexington, North Carolina and then I became the owner of their Winston-Salem, North Carolina location which was located at the Armory Golf Center.

After living in Greensboro, North Carolina for over 46 years, I currently reside just outside of "The Golf Capital Of The World" Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the beautiful historic rivertown city of Conway. Learn all about Conway on my website VisitConwaySC.com

On a non-golf related note, since moving to Conway, SC in 2015, I have been concentrating on helping to promote local and regional businesses. Visit my websites 843Media.com, 843Advertising.com, and 843Marketing.com to see the services I offer and to see a list of my South Carolina Myrtle Beach Charleston Grand Strand Low Country Area 60+ websites and 100+ social media channels.

In the late summer of 2022, I decided to get back in to what I am passionate about the most - the golf industry! It will be my main focus moving forward! A huge reboot coming for me and golf in 2023!

So.... why am I telling you all of my past experiences?... well, just for that reason!... to tell you my experiences!... I know what it's like to... 1) own a brick & mortar golf retail business 2) play professional golf 3) work for top golf manufacturers and marketing agencies 4) represent a company and sell/promote their equipment 5) be part of media/news/journalism 6) attend the PGA Merchandise Show (i've been multiple times) 7) not only own a website but to program/code them (I currently own/run 90+ websites) 8) handle social media accounts (I currently own/run 150+ social media channels) 9) build golf clubs and do regrips and do reshafts, etc 10) teach golf .... ok, ok, I'll shut up.... point is, I can handle you and your company and all of what we need to do to get you seen to succeed! I love helping people and I love helping them even more with their business! Hope to connect with you soon! ---- Joey O'Connor

I specialize in helping Golf Companies and Golf Professionals that are located in the Coastal Region of South Carolina but of course I can help you with many of my products and services no matter where you are located. To set up an appointment time to discuss your needs, please contact me at

All Golf Manufacturers, Courses, Companies & Agencies/Firms are invited to add me to your press release by email distribution list! Coming up in 2023 I will be featuring golf news on many of my websites and I have just added (2) new social media channels that will feature "Golf Industry News" 1) Facebook @GolfIndustryNews and 2) Twitter @GolfIndustryNew so please make sure I am on your list! You may add my email address to your list. My personal mailing address is available upon request. Product reviews are also available! Thanks!

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Coastal South Carolina Courses, Companies, and Professional Individuals - Receive The Ultimate Regional Exposure For Your Golf Business When You Become A "Platinum" Client of Mine! You Will Also Receive Many Free & Discounted Services Along With Photos and A Promotional Video! » » 843Marketing.com/Platinum

Over the past 20 years I have designed over 150 websites and have promoted over 1,000 businesses and professional individuals on my online properties. It would be a pleasure and honor to help you or your business!

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