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Bloodline Golf Announces Holiday Promotion with Discounts on its Popular Vale Putter and New Premium Putting Mat

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., November 22, 2022 – Bloodline Golf is pleased to offer a Holiday Promotion of $60 off of its popular Vale putter and $40 off of its new premium Putting Mat. The discounts are available immediately and will run through December 31, 2022.

“It’s the start of the holiday season and we’ve decided to share some great offers with you,” said Brad V. Adams, Bloodline CEO. “This is the perfect time of year to practice your putting indoors with a combo of our new putting mat and our Vale putter. You can use each separately, but we recommend that you use both for the most effective results.”

Bloodline putters are trusted by Tour Professionals including Ernie Els and have been used to win 5 times on professional tours.

Bloodline putters feature a high-performance carbon fiber shaft that contributes to the putter's unique capability to stand up by itself on the green. All putters in the line were designed with a head shape that players would choose to play regardless of whether it stands up on its own or not. After numerous iterations, Bloodline created a proprietary combination of touch points that are critical to the company’s breakthrough technology. The result is a putter design that provides tremendous feel, roll and release that meet the demands of the best players in the world.

The Vale putter features:

- A High-Performance Polymer (HPP) head or Aircraft Aluminum (AA) head
- A grooved face design that provides optimized launch conditions with modern golf balls
- An ultra-light carbon fiber shaft and EVA grip
- Patented head, sole, and balance-point design features

All Bloodline putters feature interchangeable/adjustable components. The ability to interchange a variety of shaft/hosel combinations and lengths and lies enables golfers of all levels and putting styles to easily get the proper fit.

As a complement to its putters, Bloodline recently partnered with Big Moss, the industry leader in putting surfaces, to create a premium Putting Mat that will produce the truest off-course roll available. The 8-foot long by 12-inch wide putting green is compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. It includes a foundation for cup depth and has a standard cup for the ball to fall into that gives realistic feedback just like on the golf course. It’s a perfect fit for offices and ultra-compact situations.

The mat features three lines that line up with sight lines on Bloodline putters and includes two different areas to practice aim. Using this mat will enhance practice with a Bloodline or any other putter. Golfers can work on their stroke and practice using the alignment features of the putter to improve their aim.

Bloodline's targeting stations were designed for a series of drills that allow players to practice their aim, alignment, stroke and speed. The combination of the Bloodline putter and the mat will result in better scores out on the course.

The Holiday Promotion is available from now through December 31, 2022.

The Vale putter retails for $299.00 and is available for the holiday price of $239.00. Enter code: GiftGuide60 at checkout to receive the discount.

The new Bloodline Putting Mat retails for $159.00 and is available for the holiday price of $119.00. Enter code: GiftGuide40 at checkout to receive the discount.

For more information and to place an order, please visit bloodline.golf.

About Bloodline Golf

Bloodline Golf has set a new standard in putter performance thanks to its patented technology which includes a carbon fiber shaft/grip combination that is unlike any other putter shaft in the world. This is the first stand-up putter technology that has been validated with numerous tour victories.

The Bloodline brand is rooted in three generations of golf industry excellence and is committed to making a lasting impact on the game of golf. The company's name pays tribute to a golf "bloodline" that includes Vale Adams, an extremely well-respected club professional from Illinois, his son Gary Adams, the founder of Taylor Made Golf, and his grandson Brad Adams, one of the founding members of Odyssey Golf. The legacy continues with Larry Bischmann, who built the team and strategy that launched the super-premium driver shaft, Diamana, which became the winningest driver shaft on the PGA TOUR. Adams and Bischmann joined forces to create the ultimate fusion of design, function, performance and heritage: Bloodline Golf.

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